Why engagement matters in live events?

By Lalit Chadha, Chief Curator, Strategic Engagement & Event Solutions

For many of my married friends and colleagues the World over, the period of a relationship
that exists between engagement and marriage is by far the best there is! There is genuine
interest to know more about the other. There is time and will to actually do things together.
There is a live passion that un-layers itself, one tiny bit a time. The biggest common
underlying factor in this period is people actually doing stuff!

Meetings & Events are no different. It is a time that brings together like minded people or
people put together by choice or fate, mandated to perhaps working together or in general
spending time with the other, making new connects, possible friendships, deliberate on
how best to achieve self / and or organizational goals. The objectives that live format
communication can deliver is endless. Some of the thoughts that have the power to change
the World have emerged out of such congregations. The fertile grounds that face to face
interactions provide for individuals, businesses, organizations and governments has almost
no parallel. Is it not natural then for us to continuously think of innovating the engagement
treatment? Should it not be in sync with the times and the changing demographic of the
attendee? Should it not integrate the Tech penetration regions are experiencing? Should it
not in fact be ahead of the curve as it should provide for new tools, methodologies, that aid
in facilitating more thought provoking and course changing ideas emerge?
Just the fact that you as a meeting owner could gather an audience at one place opens itself
to a World of opportunities and good eventtech helps derive that promise for you. We may
choose to see it or not, but Engagement matters. And Technology is at the forefront here
like it is in other areas of touching lives, for a better, more inclusive World. Whether it is
livecasting Speakers in a virtual form and shape to a live audience, whether it is projecting a
life like replication for a keynote address by way of a hologram, or letting forth a two way
communication making thousands participate in an event virtually. Technology leads the

Our Industry is in fact in the business of communications, for brands, ideas, thoughts,
science, discovery and invention. There are organizations the world over, mostly startups,
that are leading this revolution that marries the two worlds of conferences and Technology,
in a bid to be in line with how the businesses are moving and the people who are running
them. Designing better programs, including various event technology elements are
companies that believe in the fundament of making meetings effective. What is needed are
conference planners and event owners, brave enough to try them on! Engagement levels in
and around pre-function areas, plenaries, breakouts, exhibition floors, company showcase
booths, can be taken to the next level by way of integrating latest cutting edge technologies
like virtual reality, augmented reality, motion sensing, web based native apps and much

An engaged Attendee is a better Attendee. A better Attendee is good for you!