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Tint let’s you have an amazing digital wall with user generated pictures in real-time.



Collect the most engaging, relevant, and impactful UGC and manage your library of content in one place! Choose from over 15 content channels. Filter content by networks, hashtags, keywords, dates, language, engagement and more. Add tags and categorize posts based on trends or themes.

Get Rights

With a click of a button, send a request to obtain image rights from your favorite content creators on Instagram. Creators can approve your request by replying with “#yes”. Once you have the legal rights, manage and download the content all within the TINT Platform.


Review the most relevant content with TINT’s powerful filters and auto-moderation technology, before it goes live. Curate the exceptional experiences that your brand delivers in real-time no matter where you are.


Style your UGC to match all of your marketing channels and brand requirements, and start creating more compelling assets.Add CTA’s on your content to drive conversions. Pick from over 15 robust themes and customize them using our Personalization tools. Use our Custom CSS editor to fine tune your theme or our API Endpoints to create your own personal theme!


Integrate UGC into all your marketing activations both on and offline! Display UGC on website hubs, digital screens, event walls, ad units, social networks, print collateral, email, and more. Out-of-the-box embed options offer fully responsive TINTs that fit anywhere! Embeds comply with the latest HTML5 standards.


Monitor UGC statistics and engagement using our Analytics dashboard to give you a better understanding of how your content performs. Identify your most influential and outspoken contributors. See what content resonates with your audience the most. Make better marketing decisions by tracking content engagement.

Case Studies from some of the coolest events which used Tint to blow up their engagement levels.

Check Out How Boise State University Tripled Their Hashtag Use Using Tint


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