Mash Machine – Unique Interactive Music Experience

Introducing Mash Machine – the latest revolution in #MusicTechnology.

Mash Machine turns its players into a DJ in seconds. The intuitive interface allows up to 4 players at the time to create their favorite music by just placing and moving the blocks on its slick surface.


Brings People Together

Mash Machine is a unique social music experience that helps people network and have a good time while making them create the music they love!

Play, Record, Share

Mash Machine comes with the built-in function of recording your guests’ mixes. Creating music has never been easier with endless opportunities right at your fingertips.

Forget Manuals

Mash Machine makes playing easy. It takes just 1 minute to learn the basics – enough to play and have fun with other guests for hours.


Customization will allow you to theme the device to your brand / event / conference / party to perfection. Check out the beauty below.

From Product Launches and Music Festivals to Conferences and Pubs – Mash Machine is versatile in any scenario to get people together and have a great time.

And now we’re mixing bollywood music too!

Here is what some of our customers say:

“It was a strong element of public engagement: interactive, committed and simple.” – Anne-Manuèle HEBERT (Commercial Director at MIDEM)

“We bought one for Intel and it’s a popular attraction in fairs and conferences like the Maker Faire Paris.” – Paul Guermonprez (Industrial IoT Application Engineer / Evangelist – EMEA at Intel)

“Mash Machine made the event feel like a party!” – Eventex, 2016


Coming Soon

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Keep rocking and enjoy some great tracks made on Mash Machine below 🙂