Fielddrive – Fastest self-printing tech

Fielddrive is the fastest and the most sophisticated badging solution in the world right now. From providing high-speed printing to integration with multiple data solutions, it provides end-to-end badging to power your conference needs. It was awarded the Best Attendee Management Technology at the Event Technology Awards 2016.


Data Integration Fielddrive integrates with over 40 event registration providers and association management solutions. Whatever your favorite solution is, we’ll connect to it and provide the data for onsite services.

Live Badging Fielddrive is the fastest and most cost-effective way to welcome your guests. At a speed of 300 visitors an hour for each kiosk, you never have to worry about long queues. The average throughput speed is 20 seconds per delegate for full color badge print.

Track & Trace Measure the whereabouts of your delegates with session scanning, acces control and lead retrieval solutions. Generate more revenue from your exhibitors by offering lead retrieval solutions.


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Also check out how you can use Fielddrive for Badge Gamification for amazing networking at events here.

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