Event Tech Incubator – Bringing Next-Gen Tech To Reality


SEES Hub is India’s very first event technology and engagement focused incubator.

So firstly, what the hell is #EventTech?

Event Tech is a new wave of technology solutions which are focused on creating amazing experiences for organizations looking to engage their audiences in novel ways.

This could be mobile apps which provide personalized social experiences that make your attendee experience feel like a cake walk.

This could be hardware that ensures security at events (after what happened at Manchester – security is no something to be taken lightly)

Or maybe a way you can have guests walk in without ever going through the hassle of registration lines. Think Amazon Go for events.

Or the next Virtual Reality experience that transports people into your world and creates the most lasting branding experience. The next level in interactive and experiential marketing.

The possibilities are limitless and the global events and exhibitions industry is growing steadily and poised for major technological changes.

We are constantly on the look out for people and technologies that will revolutionize the events industry. If you are working on a solution in any of these areas – we want to talk to you!